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and the Moms Who Live Here
May 2

When Mother’s Day is Hard: 5 Tips on Making It Through

Every May, I find myself talking a lot about Mother’s Day in my therapy practice. For some Mother’s Day is a much-anticipated day of celebration and some well-deserved R&R, but for many, it’s an emotionally loaded day.  Lots of women are trying to conceive, are pregnant, postpartum, and are parenting young children. Then there are […]

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4 Steps: Easily Take Great Photos of Your Kids

The best photos of kids are taken not with the big camera in your closet but with the camera you have in your hand: your cell phone camera. Below are four steps to use your cell phone to easily take great pictures of your kids.  Step 1: Turn Off Your Flash Permanently Spend a few minutes running […]

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Supporting Someone With Infertility

Infertility can be one of the most isolating struggles we face as women. When it’s the first time trying to get pregnant, miscarriages after a successful pregnancy, or any other scenario, it’s hard. Hard to explain to friends and family, hard to deal with personally, hard to scroll through social media where it seems everyone […]

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