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101 Screen-Free Indoor & Outdoor Activities for Kids (while Social Distancing)

We are all at home hunkering down during the coronavirus epidemic. No school, no libraries, no playdates, but no problem with this mega list of screen-free activities (all while adhering to social distancing). We are also including this as a handy 101 Indoor & Outdoor Activities Printable! Indoor activities:  Make and play with Play-Doh Make a […]

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Working Mom vs COVID-19

So this is happening. And everything keeps changing. The plans for work and school and every other place that existed last week for COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, have changed. Whatever I write here could be different in the next week. We’ve got plenty of food in the freezer, apple juice in the basement, Netflix & […]

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The Magical Touch of the Weighted Blanket

“I can’t fall asleep!” “I’m scared there are ghosts in my room!” “I’m scared I am going to have a nightmare!” Most parents have been victims of all of these complaints and more. Some children outgrow their difficulty falling asleep relatively quickly. Others have a harder time and some even develop a fear of bedtime. […]

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