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Managing the Urge to be a “Superhero” when you’re already a Super Mom

Transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom back to my career was not an easy task. As a matter of fact, I still struggle daily with juggling my career, marriage, and motherhood.  At work, I try and compensate for being out of the “game” for so long.  At home, I want our household to be as peaceful and well put together as it was when I was home.  I want to do it all. But the truth is, I am not a superhero able to bounce from home to daycare and then work and somehow graciously make it to track practice….5 minutes early, hair intact with flawless makeup. My days normally involve waking before the sun rises, getting out the door without a hidden blob of oatmeal on my new slacks, then heading to school drop off. Once at work, I am wondering why on earth I decided to go back in the first place. Social interaction, need for independence and growth, kids getting older, finances and all of the above. The experience has changed me in some ways as I have learned a few things along the way.

Here’s what I’ve learned

  1. Mediocrity is ok some days

We don’t have to do it all, all the time. Wonder woman was also Diana Prince. Sometimes we have to take off our superhero cape, bustier, crown and over the knee boots to channel our inner Diana. Not only will you and your family survive the store bought lasagna or the occasional Ubereats but you’ll have fewer dishes to clean at the end of the night. The number one chore couples fight over is the dishes. Say “yes” to an easy yet awesome night and one less thing to worry about!  You can conquer the world with your award-winning pot roast another day!

  1. Stop Comparing

Comparing yourself to other moms can be detrimental to your spirit. Just DON’T do it. We each have our strengths, fears, and weakness. Your battle is not your own since a lot of us struggle with the same things — even those moms that don’t appear to be struggling. Shine where you shine the most. You are super! And seek out support from other mamas who may very well need your support too. Less comparison, more collaboration.

  1. Me time is for Moms too

You can’t give from an empty cup. Fill yourself, rejuvenate yourself, and reinvigorate yourself. Take care of yourself. Happy moms, make the best moms. And happy mamas take time out for self, so they can continue to pour all of that happiness into their family. I don’t care if its 15 minutes in the bathroom! LOCK the DOOR! Turn on the music and sing like no one is listening. Go for a walk before everyone wakes up, pour a glass of wine and go on the porch…quietly. Schedule a reoccurring pedicure and recharge.  These little moments to recharge can make a huge difference in the direction of the day or week.  Thank me later.

  1. Let go and let God

When you have done everything you can. Just let the boss take the wheel! It helps to not feel like you have to control everything.  And thank God for these blessings! 


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