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Kenya elephant

5 Lessons Learned for International Travel with Little Kids

My husband and I have always been travelers. Before we had children, we made our best memories in far-flung places around the globe… kayaking through the mangroves in Malaysia, watching the sunset light up the Aegean sea from the Greek islands, dancing the samba in the street during Carnival in Rio.  Travel gave us energy, excitement, and made us feel like we […]

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Train at Smithsonian Museum

Trains to See, Trains to Ride: The Ultimate Guide to Trains in the Washington, DC Area

All aboard!  Very few things excite both my son and daughter quite like a train.  And, the DC area has no shortage of full scale and miniature trains for kids to explore.  This guide includes three categories of train attractions.  The first is Trains to See, there are plenty of model trains and museums with […]

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Packing Tips for Travel with Kids

Let’s be serious…traveling with your kids is not a vacation, it’s a trip and it often requires a lot of preparation, organization, and packing! Whether you are traveling with or without kids, these packing tips will help you prepare and ensure you don’t forget anything. Packing Central My first packing tip is to find a […]

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