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50 Tiny Resolutions For Busy Moms

Ahhh… New Year’s resolutions. By this point, you may be keeping yours or you may have already given up. I have been guilty of making huge, sweeping resolutions. You know the kind: “This is the year I will ___________.” (Write a book, drop 25 pounds, stop complaining…) Um…. no, no and no. Those things did […]

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Saving for College: What Do Parents Need to Know?

This post is written in partnership with New Potomac Partners. We love the service they provide for area families!Parents have so much to think about after the birth of a child: Breastfeeding tips? Ways to save on the cost of formula? Best sleep strategies for baby? Transitioning to daycare? Helping siblings adjust to a new baby? […]

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Tips for Saving Photos So You Can Find Them

This post is written in partnership with My Memory File. We love Cheryl’s service and think you will too! Imagine my delight when a fantastic camera appeared on my tiny, convenient, extra-appendage phone. I can take however many pictures I want, see them instantly, and delete them with a click if they’re blurry? Yes, please. […]

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Things We Wish We Had Known as a New Mom

I asked my mom friends and fellow DC Area Moms Blog Writers “What’s something you wish you’d known as a new mom or that you can’t believe nobody warned you about?”. Here are their responses (I kept it anonymous since some things were quite personal). Things We Wish We Had Known About Delivery & Time in […]

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5 Ways to Help Your Toddler Adjust to a New Baby

Adjusting to a new baby sister or brother is a big transition for a toddler. Just think of all the things that surprised you as a new parent, even if  you read all the books. Toddlers have no clue what to expect. Currently in this season of my life I’m sorting through how to help […]

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Back to School? It’s time to Be SMART.

Like you, I know exactly where I was when I learned about the Sandy Hook School shooting in December of 2012: I was walking across the campus near the teaching hospital where I worked, nine months pregnant, when I got an unfathomable news alert on my phone.  Shortly after my daughter was born, I became […]

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