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Women’s History Month Tribute to My Mom

Every time Women’s History Month comes around, I always think about my mom. This is true particularly since I’ve become a mom myself. I see now, more than ever, how her grit, moxie, and steadfastness turned me into the woman I am today. My mom emigrated from the Bahamas to the U.S. when she was […]

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Image by <a href="">Pascal Laurent</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

Ways We Are Talking About Black History Month With Our Kids

Black History Month is a beautiful celebration of the accomplishments and contributions to the American Culture by African Americans. Over the past couple of years, we have enjoyed this learning experience with our oldest son as he entered his charter public school. We have seen the ads on TV, all the commemorations and honors presented […]

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Join Our Inaugural Events Team!

The DC Area Moms Blog team is growing! We are looking for local women who are passionate about motherhood and who want to connect and celebrate life with moms in the DMV. Join our inaugural events team to do just that! DC Area Moms Blog exists to encourage and equip Moms thorough relevant content and a […]

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Why I’m Eating What I Want During My Pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy. It’s inevitable although some, obviously, gain more than others. I am on the “more” side. It may be because I’m simply just programmed to have big babies (my son was 9lbs 11oz), OR it may be because I eat what I want while I’m pregnant. I’m eating a roasted chicken sub […]

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