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Foster Care: A Quick Introduction

When you think of foster care, what is your gut response? Maybe you’ve heard inspirational stories of kids beating “the system,” families who’ve fostered 10-30 kids, or children finding their forever homes and living happily ever after. Maybe you have also heard some of the uglier stories, the ones where foster parents become the abusers, or […]

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Taking Advantage of Car Naps

At around 2 pm each day, I start to pry my 2.5-year-old from whatever activity she’s doing and head to the car. It’s still an hour before school pick-up for her older sister. But this is the only window of opportunity I have for my toddler to actually nap. You see, darling daughter #2 is […]

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Mother’s Day in the Sibley NICU: A Blessing, Not A Curse

I started my motherhood journey with two beautiful, tiny babies — and I had to ask permission from someone else at the hospital to hold them.  When I was discharged from Sibley Memorial Hospital, and my newborn twins were not, the floodgates opened.  I cried.  A lot.   Then one day, my crying stopped.  It was […]

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Parenting Tip: Focus on Yourself First

“We have met the enemy, and he is us” – Walt Kelly   Parenting Advice Regarding Children’s Behavior from my Community Recently I reached out to a few friends (each a parent of a 5-year-old) for parenting advice regarding our son’s behavior. My older child had just turned 5, and with his new age, so […]

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Thank you, Village!

It was 4:02 on Monday morning. I was deep in a dream when I heard the phone ring loudly.  Surprisingly, it was my usually hard- to-rouse husband who jumped up, found the phone, announced “It’s her”, and handed it to me.  Eighteen minutes later, I was on my bike and headed to my good friend’s […]

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May 2

When Mother’s Day is Hard: 5 Tips on Making It Through

Every May, I find myself talking a lot about Mother’s Day in my therapy practice. For some Mother’s Day is a much-anticipated day of celebration and some well-deserved R&R, but for many, it’s an emotionally loaded day.  Lots of women are trying to conceive, are pregnant, postpartum, and are parenting young children. Then there are […]

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