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Mothers: Be Kind To Yourselves

Last night I sat on the bathroom floor feeding my hysterical newborn, holding him in one arm as he balanced precariously on my knee. I was using my other arm to stop my toddler falling off the toilet seat as she screamed blue murder that my invisible ‘third arm’ couldn’t hold up her storybook. This […]

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The Invisible Weight: Approaching Each Other with a Generosity of Spirit

  As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we are reminded everywhere from decorative hand towels to Hallmark movies to be thankful and generous. We give thanks for the people and things in our lives. We donate food and necessities to those in need and give thoughtful gifts to our loved ones. However, there […]

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PMDD: Awareness and Treatment

More than PMS Every woman you know can likely empathize with the phrase: “I am PMS-ing.” For many of us, it’s as normal as saying that you are hangry or more annoyed with a significant other than usual. Many women experience decreasing motivation and an increasing desire to eat junk food. Approximately 20% of women […]

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dealing with death

Resources for Dealing With Death

As a parent, we want to make sure our kid’s lives are hearts, stars, and rainbows every day. We want them to see the beauty in the world around them and have new discoveries be magical. And then sometimes life happens in a way that we cannot protect them from sadness. They are small people […]

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