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All aboard! at the American History Wegman's Wonderplace.

National Museum of American History Family Guide: 9 Tips to Know Before You Go

The Smithsonian Museums are at the top of the list for many families with kids in Washington, D.C. and for good reason! I love going to the museums (especially the National Museum of American History) with my kids because they tick all the boxes: Free! Educational! Not weather dependent! But with all the pros, there […]

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Education for the Future? Yes, Please.

This is sponsored by Capitol Learning Academy. We hope you enjoy learning about their school for the future. Thirty-five 6-year-olds in one classroom with one teacher. Seriously? I cannot begin to imagine. That scenario is what got me to look into alternatives to public education. My son was heading into first grade three years ago, and his […]

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5. Aaron Bliden and Dallas Tolentino in Escape from Peligro Island YOU Create Your Own Adventure at Imagination Stage. Photo by Margot Schulman

Why You Need to Teach Your Children Decision-Making Skills… And a Fun Way to Do It!

This post is sponsored by Imagination Stage. We hope you enjoy learning about their exciting new, interactive show, Escape From Peligro Island!One of the most daunting tasks we face as parents is teaching our children how to make decisions. While some of the first decisions our kids make, like deciding what to wear to school, […]

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April Family-Friendly Events Guide 2019

Spring is here!! Finally, flowers are blooming and trees are beginning to show their new leaves. The weather is warmer, so even April showers won’t keep you away from too much fun.  The beginning of spring offers so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature with your family. This guide to area family-friendly events […]

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Guide to Easter Egg Hunts in the Washington, DC Area

Hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way.  Easter decorations are up and there is talk of the bunny in the house.  There is no way my nearly three-year-old twins remember when I made them hunt for Easter eggs filled with puffs and goldfish, but somehow they are acutely aware that Easter egg hunting is a thing […]

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