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Eating for Breastfeeding: What Every Nursing Mom Needs to Know About Calcium (Hint: it can support your milk supply)

National Breastfeeding Month is still in full swing through August 31stso lets keep up the good work celebrating, promoting and normalizing breastfeeding.  Furthermore, we are celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week through August 31st to bring awareness to the benefits of Black mothers breastfeeding too. As The Breastfeeding Chef, I have had the opportunity to work with many mothers […]

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It Does Take A Village! Don’t Be Shy to Ask for Help

My husband and I moved to Virginia when our second daughter was almost a year old. Having two young children and living away from close family was manageable. It was easy for us to visit our families back in NY. Almost every time we would drive up (every other month), the kids and I would […]

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Why Breastfeeding in Public Matters + Tips to do it Successfully

I’m curious. Have you tried breastfeeding in public? Or do you want to… and then stop yourself out of shame, fear, or insecurities about what people around you will think?  You’re not alone, Mama. These days, intense controversy surrounds breastfeeding and pumping in public.  So much so that before stepping out of their homes, Milk […]

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My Surprising (and Bittersweet) End to Breastfeeding

Is Breastfeeding Really A Choice? When I was pregnant I was regularly asked if I would breastfeed. My reply of “I’m going to try” left many people confused and prompted a few insensitive remarks. My pregnancy was high risk due to my having a uterine septum, a congenital uterine malformation discovered during my first trimester, and my son […]

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Breastfeeding as an Act of Resistance

You might be asking yourself how breastfeeding could be an act of resistance. A political act. A statement. You might be wondering how the simple act of feeding your baby could be anything beyond providing nutrition.  The Statistics with Breastfeeding Rates Breastfeeding initiation rates are significantly lower among black infants as compared to other races.  […]

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Breast Pumps: My Experience with the Medela Symphony and the Spectra S1

If you plan on feeding your new baby breast milk and don’t plan to exclusively feed on the breasts, then you need to start thinking about breast pumps. Here are my experiences after nearly 7 months of pumping full-time.  Medela Symphony: The top of the line breast pump I cannot stress enough how important it […]

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