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Healing from a Traumatic Birth: Where to Get Started

Certainly, no one expects to experience a traumatic birth, to enter a hospital and wonder if you will be leaving. Even after the health crisis is resolved and physical scars are healed, there is traumatic pain remaining. In my journey of emotional healing after a traumatic birth, this is what has helped me: Share Your […]

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Eating for Breastfeeding: What Every Nursing Mom Needs to Know About Calcium (Hint: it can support your milk supply)

National Breastfeeding Month is still in full swing through August 31stso lets keep up the good work celebrating, promoting and normalizing breastfeeding.  Furthermore, we are celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week through August 31st to bring awareness to the benefits of Black mothers breastfeeding too. As The Breastfeeding Chef, I have had the opportunity to work with many mothers […]

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Green Beauty: 5 Simple Steps to Switch to Better for you Skincare

There’s a lot of talk right now about toxin-free living. Maybe you’re a skeptic of this movement, much like I used to be. But my mind started to change as more research came out about the harmful effects of many ingredients used in conventional products, especially skincare and cosmetics. These ingredients not only do more harm […]

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