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How Do I Get My Kid To Eat Vegetables?

Before my son turned into a full-fledged toddler, he ate vegetables no problem. How I remember the days of steaming cauliflower and broccoli! Unfortunately, those days are gone and now if I even try and slip a few peas into a cheese-coated macaroni dish, my son makes us pick every single pea out as if […]

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Unexpected Allergies in Our Child

When asked what my favorite food was, my answer was a no-brainer: peanut butter. Peanut butter was delicious not only scooped and slathered in my mouth by a spoon, but in combination of what seemed like everything else: chocolate, bananas, pretzels, jelly, ice cream…need I even go on? When my first son was born, the […]

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Why I’m Eating What I Want During My Pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy. It’s inevitable although some, obviously, gain more than others. I am on the “more” side. It may be because I’m simply just programmed to have big babies (my son was 9lbs 11oz), OR it may be because I eat what I want while I’m pregnant. I’m eating a roasted chicken sub […]

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