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50 Tiny Resolutions For Busy Moms

Ahhh… New Year’s resolutions. By this point, you may be keeping yours or you may have already given up. I have been guilty of making huge, sweeping resolutions. You know the kind: “This is the year I will ___________.” (Write a book, drop 25 pounds, stop complaining…) Um…. no, no and no. Those things did […]

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A Conversation with Dr. Harvey Karp: Best Sleep Strategies for New and Not-So-New Babies

Infant sleep – two words that strike fear and anxiety in parents everywhere. I remember excitedly telling family, friends, and coworkers about my first pregnancy, and getting replies like “Better rest up now,” and “You’ll never sleep again!” I was petrified.  Miraculously, my first daughter was an amazing sleeper. I had a stack of baby […]

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Carving Out “Special Time” Is Especially Beneficial

Isn’t Every Day Naturally Full of “Special Time” for Kids? Playing together every day offers tons of “Special Time” for children naturally, doesn’t it? We purposefully under-schedule our days to allow for large chunks of long, uninterrupted free play where imaginations take the center role and, even so, our days fly by and we often […]

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Reader Survey

2018 Reader Survey {+ Chance to win a prize}

We have compiled our First Annual Reader Survey and hope you will participate. We hope all of our readers know that feedback from local Washington, DC area moms is extremely important to us. We work together to bring the moms in the DC area resources, guides, giveaways, events and information to make your lives easier and […]

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