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Small crowd at EdFest 2019

Lessons from EdFEST: Post-School Fair Notes

Well, I survived EdFEST. It was informative, busy, and crowded, and I’m glad I went. EdFEST is the District of Columbia’s annual public school fair, where families can talk to representatives of public and charter schools in one spot. Each school had its own table, and staff—and sometimes parents and students—answered questions about their school. […]

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View of train tracks inside a metro station

Getting Around DC with Kids without a Car

I haven’t owned a car since the Clinton presidency, so it was a very long time ago. Since being car-less, I’ve become adept at using public transit and curating my life in a way that works without a car. My husband was the one who brought his car into the marriage, but I do not […]

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Diverse Schools Dilemma: Black Boys in School

My goal with my son is to replicate the successes of my maternal aunt and uncles with my male cousins. These cousins attended top-ranked state colleges and currently live middle or upper-middle-class lives as Black men with stable careers. When I encounter anything that may help with this goal, it grabs my attention. In my […]

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Woman Reading Book

Three Book Club Cheats for Busy Moms

I belong to a book club. Because it is DC, I belong to a wonky book group with a focus on urban issues and DC history. The group will decide on some non-fiction book and give ourselves a couple of months to read the book before we gather at someone’s home to talk about the […]

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View of a school from a school

Book Review: The Diverse Schools Dilemma: A Parent’s Guide to Socioeconomically Mixed Public Schools

I’m going to try not to over think my son’s education. He’s not even two yet, but I have concerns. The other problem or blessing, living inside the District of Columbia are the overwhelming choices we have for Junior’s education. Should we choose neighborhood public schools, public charter schools, Catholic school, free Pre-K, staying with […]

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Adoption: Ideas for Birthmom Update Letters

Nope, this is not one of the thousands of “perfect Dear Birthmother” letters that’s out there. No, this is the letter after your adopted son or daughter has been placed in your arms and you’ve agreed to update the birthparents with pictures and letters.  Pictures are no problem, you will take lots of photos. Letters, […]

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My Infertility Story: Aged Out

I did not want to be a 40 year old bride. I’d known my husband strictly as a friend for over a decade. When I first met him, he wasn’t marriage material. I’d already passed my 35th birthday when my guy moved from the friend zone to the “possible husband” zone. I hoped that he […]

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