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Black + Boss + Busy Mom

“Black, boss, busy mom” or is it “busy mom, black, boss” or maybe it’s even “boss, busy mom, while black.” Either way we mix and mingle it, oftentimes we find ourselves juggling to prioritize the expectations we place on ourselves.  We oftentimes get bogged down in the many titles and roles that we play daily.  […]

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All aboard! at the American History Wegman's Wonderplace.

National Museum of American History Family Guide: 9 Tips to Know Before You Go

The Smithsonian Museums are at the top of the list for many families with kids in Washington, D.C. and for good reason! I love going to the museums (especially the National Museum of American History) with my kids because they tick all the boxes: Free! Educational! Not weather dependent! But with all the pros, there […]

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Join Our Inaugural Events Team!

The DC Area Moms Blog team is growing! We are looking for local women who are passionate about motherhood and who want to connect and celebrate life with moms in the DMV. Join our inaugural events team to do just that! DC Area Moms Blog exists to encourage and equip Moms thorough relevant content and a […]

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Historic Colonial Williamsburg: An Easy Weekend Trip from Washington, D.C.

Whether you are looking to explore the outdoors, discover a nearby winery, or check out a historic site, Washington, D.C. is a short drive from some truly fabulous destinations! This past November, my family decided to spend Veterans Day weekend at Historic Colonial Williamsburg, located in nearby Williamsburg, Virginia.  Depending on the day and time […]

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Unexpected Allergies in Our Child

When asked what my favorite food was, my answer was a no-brainer: peanut butter. Peanut butter was delicious not only scooped and slathered in my mouth by a spoon, but in combination of what seemed like everything else: chocolate, bananas, pretzels, jelly, ice cream…need I even go on? When my first son was born, the […]

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Celebrate with Bright Horizons at Courthouse and Ballston

This post is written in partnership with Bright Horizons. Enjoy learning about all the fun things they have going on! Big things are happening at Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool® in Arlington. Bright Horizons at Courthouse Station is celebrating one year of operation. Plus, the Bright Horizons at Ballston is now open and enrolling! Here is our […]

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Image by <a href="">Sofia Iivarinen</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

50 Tiny Resolutions For Busy Moms

Ahhh… New Year’s resolutions. By this point, you may be keeping yours or you may have already given up. I have been guilty of making huge, sweeping resolutions. You know the kind: “This is the year I will ___________.” (Write a book, drop 25 pounds, stop complaining…) Um…. no, no and no. Those things did […]

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