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Early Intervention Home Hacks: Ways to Build A Child’s Language Skills

As a speech-language pathologist who works in community-based early intervention, I am often challenged with creating and developing strategies that can easily be implemented into a family’s routine and the child’s natural learning environment. I always encourage families to use this time to nurture their child’s development. Through simple activities such as bathtime, playtime, and […]

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Surviving the Baby Shark Attack

Our son Junior, is a Baby Shark fan. It is a really popular song among the toddler set. Junior will sing his punk/metal version of Baby Shark at home, at church, anywhere, and at the top of his lungs. When he’s not singing Baby Shark, he’s asking for Baby Shark videos. This could drive a […]

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How Do I Get My Kid To Eat Vegetables?

Before my son turned into a full-fledged toddler, he ate vegetables no problem. How I remember the days of steaming cauliflower and broccoli! Unfortunately, those days are gone and now if I even try and slip a few peas into a cheese-coated macaroni dish, my son makes us pick every single pea out as if […]

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How To Survive Unexpected Income Loss (Again)

I resisted writing this post the first time I survived an unexpected income loss because I didn’t think anyone would read it. But now finding myself surrounded by others who are experiencing an unexpected loss of income meant it was time to type.  I know this may be the first time some of you are […]

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Mothers: Be Kind To Yourselves

Last night I sat on the bathroom floor feeding my hysterical newborn, holding him in one arm as he balanced precariously on my knee. I was using my other arm to stop my toddler falling off the toilet seat as she screamed blue murder that my invisible ‘third arm’ couldn’t hold up her storybook. This […]

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Women’s History Month Tribute to My Mom

Every time Women’s History Month comes around, I always think about my mom. This is true particularly since I’ve become a mom myself. I see now, more than ever, how her grit, moxie, and steadfastness turned me into the woman I am today. My mom emigrated from the Bahamas to the U.S. when she was […]

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